Light rail off track on bus numbers

The Canberra Times, September 24, 2014, p1


Figures collected from the ACTION bus network show the average number of passengers travelling on the arterial road (approximating the proposed light rail corridor) between May and July this year was 7996 a day.
The Capital Metro Agency expects tram services in the corridor will attract 13,700 passengers each day by 2021.
Minister for Capital Metro Simon Corbell said a direct comparison between existing bus patronage was not representative and did not take into account forecast increase in population growth, increased employment and changed land use.

Tram line winning support: research

The Canberra Times, August 2, 2014, p1


Piazza Reseach conducted a telephone survey of 1192 people throughout the ACT for the ACT government.
Who wants light rail in Canberra?

  • 55% of people support the development of light rail
  • 34% are opposed
  • 11% are undecided

The main reason for not supporting light rail

  • 52% of those who are opposed cite the cost of the system for perceived benefits

Who supports light rail?

  • 59% of males support light rail, compared with 51% of women
  • 70% of one-aprent households with dependent children support light rail
  • 65% of couples with dependent children support light rail
  • Canberrans 65 and above support light rail the least

Hospitals, jobs before light rail: poll

The Canberra Times, August 4, 2014, p2


More results from the Piazza Reseach telephone survey of 1192 people throughout the ACT conducted for the ACT government.

Asked if they supported extra money being spent on light rail instead of buses for long term benefit to the environment and job creation 48 per cent backed light rail compared with 38 per cent for buses.

Respondents were asked to rank the importance of challenges the city might face on a scale of importance from zero to 10.

  • 8.2: improvements to healthcare and hospitals
  • 7.9: job creationare opposed
  • 7.6: public education
  • 7.4: public transport
  • 7.4: housing affordability

Why is the ACT government investing in light rail?

  • 32%: to upgrade/improve transport
  • 21%: to reduce road congestion
  • 10%: political reasons including association with the Greens

Concerns about light rail in Canberra:

  • 54%: cost and affordability for perceived benefits
  • 12%: restricted/limited route choice
  • 15%: no concerns